The Centre for Monitoring and Research – CeMI is a nongovernmental, non profitable organization, founded in March 2000, whose main goal is to provide infrastructural and expert support for continuous monitoring of the overall process of transition in Montenegro. 

During its long and consistent work CeMI has contributed to changing social and political circumstances in which it was created, and consequently expanded the scope of its work towards legislative initiatives, public opinion polls, fight against corruption and respect of human rights and freedoms. Amendment of the constitutional status and progress in the European integration process have positively impact the development of civil society in Montenegro, giving it an entirely new framework of the work. In that context, CeMI deviates from the work of regular non-governmental organization and is getting closer to the concept of a research center for the creation and representation of policy proposals.

CEMI, with the support by the OSI Think Tank Fund, Budapest, CeMI has restructured an internal organization in order to achieve optimal capacity utilization. Also the mission and vision of CeMI have changed in line with the newly established objectives.

From five programs that CeMI had in the past (Elections, Rule of Law, Good governance, Civil society and European integrations), CeMI has passed on to three clearly defined programs: (1) Democratization and Human Rights, (2) Fight against corruption, (3) Euro-Atlantic Integrations. In this way, CeMI will limit its work on the areas where has a significant experience and within which the actions of our organizations are recognized. Each program has a coordinator who manages all projects and assigns responsibilities. In this way, the professional stuff of CeMI has an opportunity to specialize in one of the three areas, and at the same time to provide support on the projects within other programs - which contributes to maximizing efficiency and expertise at the same time. 

CeMI also has three departments: Public Policy Research Department, Public Opinion Research Department, Legal Department as well as Service for Public Relations. These organizational units maintain continuity of operations and provide operational support for the implementation of projects.

Vision: Montenegro as a country of free citizens, social justice, rule of law and equal opportunities.

Mission: CEMI is a think tank organization whose mission is to continuously provide support to reforms and strengthening of the institutions of the political system and civil society organizations through proposing and monitoring the implementation of public policies in the field of human rights and freedoms of European integration and fight against corruption in Montenegro.


  • Contribution to the effective implementation of public policies and international commitments in the areas of human rights and freedoms of European integration and fight against corruption;
  • Contribution to harmonization of national legislation and institutional framework with the requirements of the EU accession process;
  • To improve awareness and educate public about human rights protection and freedoms, European integration and fight against corruption;
  • Contribution to improving the efficiency of the work of institutions involved in the protection of human rights and freedoms, European integration and fight against corruption;
  • Increasing the transparency of the institutions of political system and civil society organizations.

Users of CeMI are: citizenzs, civil society organizations, media, local governments, public administration and enterprises.



Phone/fax: + 382 (0) 20 511 424
Address: Bul. Josipa Broza 23 A/119, 81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro 
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