Monday, 14 September 2015 00:00

CCS results presented in B&H

Preliminary results of the research on internal party democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina - the Comparative Candidate Survey - were presented today, on 10 September 2015 at 10am, by the BiH research team at the Sarajevo Center Municipality. The research was conducted in June and August 2015 within a target population of 739 candidates of the 2014 general elections for the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The presented results included responses on political background and activities, election campaign, important political issues and policies, as well as the understanding of democracy and forms representation of surveyed respondents.

It was highlighted that a significant number of respondents did not attend any kind of education on political organizing and political practice (37%) while all others were educated through party activities (63%). The research results show a possibility for the transformation of political parties, as respondents believe that procedures for nominating candidates for elections, selecting party leadership, and decision-making within political parties should be legally regulated. Everyday practice, as well as survey results, also show that members of Parliament vote according to two different logics - according to personal opinion (54%) or along party lines (46%). The overall aim of this research is to contribute to electoral reform in BiH and in countries of region, where the results will give incentive to open the debate on these issues.