Thursday, 24 September 2015 00:00

Single country study for Montenegro published

Center for Monitoring and Research has published a single country study "Electoral and Party System in Montenegro - A Perspective of Internal Party Democracy Development". 

The study represents a detailed analysis of the institutional and legal framework and practice of political parties in Montenegro, which together define political situation in the field of elections and political processes within the parties. It focuses on five related aspects of these issues: political system, party system, electoral system, internal party democracy and political campaign. Study also contains specific examples of internal party practice of parliamentary parties in Montenegro.

Authors of the publication are political and legal experts, PhD Srđan Darmanović, currently the Ambassador of the Republic of Montenegro to the United States, PhD Vladimir Goati, PhD Boris Vukićević, M.Sc. Zlatko Vujović, M.Sc. Vlado Dedović and M.Sc. Nikoleta Tomović.

The single country study can be downloaded HERE.