Friday, 05 August 2016 08:54

GPS press conference and national round table held in Belgrade

Center for Democracy organized press conference and round table “Members of parliament – chosen by the people or by party leaders?” on Monday 11.7.2016 at Belgrade Media Center.

The first part of this event was press conference that was primarily used for the presentation of findings based on Voter Study conducted before parliamentary elections in Serbia (april 2016). Four main issues were addressed during presentation: (1) are Serbian citizens interested in politics and how much they know about it?; (2) what are the main social and political issues and how citizens evaluate state of democracy in Serbia?; (3) do MP represent citizens or political parties? and (4) which changes of electoral system are supported by the citizens? Findings were presented by professors Zoran Stojiljković, Slaviša Orlović and Dušan Spasojević. Media outresch of the conference was above expectations, and all main outlets reported from this event. Media focus was on the surprising finding that citizens expressed lack of interest about politics and low level of knowledge that enables politicians to act on their own and not be held accountable.

The second part of the event was organized as round table and press conference served as the introduction to presented draft of recommendations for changes in electoral and political system. Roundtable gathered representatives of major civil society organizations with long tradition in this field, international organizations (OSCE and UNDP), journalists that follows parliamentary affairs and representatives of several parties. FPS research team gathered valuable feedback that would improve recommendations before they would be officially represented in the parliament through the work of national Action group for the political system change.

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